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7 Best Apps for Filing Taxes

7 Best Apps for Filing Taxes

The deadline for filing tax returns is quickly coming to a close. To avoid penalties and the hassle of dealing with taxes, it’s important to become organized. However, with the pile of paperwork needed to be reviewed and the constantly changing tax laws, keeping organized can also be a hard task. Fortunately, there are now apps available for Smartphones and tablets that can help tax payers, like you, prepare and file your tax a lot easier. Check them out:

  1. TurboTax Snap Tax

Snap Tax provides an easy method to file your tax return. Right from your Smartphone, you can file your taxes for as little as ten minutes by simply taking a photo of your W-2 and answering a few necessary questions. It’s that easy; however, this app is only designed for those who have simple returns. And while this app is free to download, there’s a fee that comes when you file your return.

  1. H&R Block MyBlock Mobile

H&R Block also offers a variety of apps to help tax payers easily handle their taxes. If you’re a beginner, you may find H&R Block MyBlock very useful. It’s a free app that you can access from your Smartphone anywhere you go. And you can use it to upload you tax documents, estimate your taxes, access your tax returns, track your tax refunds, and stay informed of any changes about tax laws.

  1. IRS2Go

This is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It’s an easy-to-use app, which taxpayers can use to pay their taxes easily, track the status of their tax refunds, and get tax law updates. It’s available for Androids and iPhones.

  1. TaxSlayer Go

This is another way to file your taxes easily. Just simply enter some basic information, answer some quick questions, take a photo of your W-2, and then e-file. This is an- easy-to-use, free app that you can use anytime with the use of your Smartphone. However, just like the other apps mentioned above, TaxSlayer Go is also designed only for filing simple returns.

  1. Tax Act

This app also provides a great way to make it easy for you to handle your taxes, whether you’re filing simple or complex taxes. It’s definitely free and easy to use, regardless of your tax experience. With this app, you can easily prepare your taxes, get free estimates, track your tax status, and e-file your taxes.

  1. TaxCaster

TaxCaster is an online calculator provided by Turbo Tax. It allows you to check your taxes before you prepare your tax return and file. It also helps you get a quick estimate of how much tax refunds you’ll receive. It’s free and easy. Just download the app on your Smartphone, enter the necessary details, and get your estimates.

  1. Tax Organizer

If you don’t want the hassle of collecting receipts and piling them in your desk drawer, then this app is a great solution. It allows you to save your receipts in an easy-to-access account. Just take a snap of photo of your receipts, then store them in your account. When you’re ready to file, simply log-in to your account then check the files; or if you have an accountant, simply email the documents and let the accountant do the rest of the work for you.

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