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Bee Infestations and How to Get Rid Of Them

Bees might be useful creatures but they are also terribly frightening.  A bee sting can hurt for hours and even be fatal to those who are allergic to these stings.  Attacks by large swarms of bees can also be terribly dangerous to you and your family.  Bees can get into just about any room and can turn your garden time into a terrible duck and dive experience.

The best way to get your home pest and bee free

One of the best ways to get your home bee and bug free so you and your family will be safer is by getting some professional help from a pesticide company.  Pest control companies have all the needed equipment and products to get your home bee free and to keep the bees from coming back too soon.  The pest control companies are also excellent in relocating these little bugs so they can continue to be useful to the world and produce honey in a safer location.

Bee Infestations and How to Get Rid Of Them

How to remove bees yourself

If you are the DIY type with enough guts to take on these dangerous little stingers then you can get a bee infestation removed yourself.  The first thing you need to do is locate the bees nest.  The nest can be outside somewhere or can be hidden underneath objects and perhaps even between wall panels.  You should wear thickly padded clothing to help shield yourself against the bee’s stings.  Once you have located the nest, you should wait till after dark for the bees to settle down and gather in one location.  Get some pesticides and spray the bees until you are certain that all of them are dead.  Just be sure to use a bee pesticide or your removal process will be ineffective. When you are certain that you got all the bees, you can attempt to remove the nest.  If it is a bee hive, you should take care to remove all of the bee’s wax because the wax could damage your walls and lure in more bees.  Spray the area again and monitor it to see if any new infestations appear.

Bee relocation

Not everyone has the heart to exterminate honey bees.  Honey bees are incredibly useful to our world’s eco system and are the only creatures in the world that can produce honey.  Bee colonies can be relocated in certain cases but the relocation process takes some skill and you need to be careful if you don’t want to end up getting stun by dozens of venomous bees.  The best way to get bee colonies relocated is by contacting pest control companies and getting them to do the relocation for you.  To relocate a bee colony you will need a special type of crate in which to stash the hive.  The next step is to wait until all the bees are in the hive and trap them inside.  The entire hive and all off the bees then need to be moved to a safer area where they can reassume their honey making business.

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