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Best Bets to Study for the CPA Exam

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination is an important part of every accountant’s life. It opens a door to a multitude of opportunities for budding accountants and it is a challenging one to get through. If you have a Blackberry, you are in luck. The Blackberry presently offers plenty of resources that can help you get through the exam. Finding the correct CPA study material could mean the difference between passing the exam on your first attempt and retaking certain sections multiple times. Taking CPA review courses is particularly important. Make sure you are prepared; so that you can be proud of passing the exam the first time in front of your co-workers. We have put together a list of few resources and techniques that you can use when studying for this important exam.

Best Bets to Study for the CPA Exam


Investigate what kinds of apps are available on your blackberry for the CPA exams. Mobile apps for CPA exams contain whole explanations and hints for every multiple-choice question, practice exams that are modeled after the real ones, customized practice sessions as well as memorization activities. You will be able to monitor your progress too, with these apps. These apps can be operated on your tablets as well, if you are not comfortable on the cellphone.

Flash Cards

Flashcards reinforce ant latest content and previous important details relating to the exam, they also help you observe your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can focus all your energy on certain elements and save the time. You can study and test yourself when you are away from the computer using these flashcards. Some flashcard packs even contain blank cards so that you can make up your own questions. Check your blackberry to see if it has any flashcard app to help you study for the exam.


If you enjoy visual aids, watching videos would be great for you. Sometimes we just don’t want to be reviewing and studying all day. Thus, you can watch a video on your blackberry, skim through the study text and then do practice questions on that section using the mobile apps. It will help you stay in the mindset and comprehend some concepts in a clearer way; the best part is most of these videos are short and explain things very simply.

Bottom Line

When studying for the CPA exam, there are a few techniques and devices that can be very useful. Your blackberry can come in handy in this case. A multitude of apps, flashcards and videos are now available, which allow CPA examinees to take practice tests and review the concepts. Make use of these videos, apps and flashcards so that you can take practice questions with you wherever you go and review things whenever you have some time to spare.

Make sure you break down the sections into smaller pieces when studying, so that you can read, understand and digest the information. So, you can have all your CPA exam study materials at your fingertips now. Be prepared and don’t overwhelm yourself.

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