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Top Mental Health Apps for Your Phone

As the world becomes more and more dependent upon mobile technology, mental health providers are delving into that world as well. They see the advent of mental health apps as a means of providing continued service for their patients. Some believe these apps will allow those who are unwilling, or unable, to engage in face to face therapy to receive the assistance they desperately need. Teenagers seem to be a prime target for these apps.

You would be surprised by the number of options available for people to get mental health help on their cell phones. In fact, we discovered one woman who offers hypnosis over the phone. While we are relatively certain she has not attained the best hypnosis certification in Florida and New York, we are still intrigued by the oddity of her offerings. However, we would recommend that you at least find a reputable source for such endeavors. But what about other mental health app options?

Top Mental Health Apps for Your Phone

Five Mental Health Apps to Consider

Your emotional and mental health is not something to take lightly. If you feel like you cannot afford face to face therapy, or would simply prefer to explore your options, these five mental health apps are a good place to start:

  1. Code Blue- This is specifically geared towards teenagers suffering from bullying and/or depression. Conceptually, a support group will be created and with a few clicks they can be notified that the teen is in need of assistance. There’s even a GPS type capability to let users know where to find the teen in case of an emergency.
  2. Breathe2Relax- Designed for those dealing with anxiety, this app will lead the user through breathing strategies to help him/her calm down when anxiety strikes. It is supposed to aid in the reduction of anger and stress, and to help stabilize one’s moods.
  3. PTSD Coach– Developed for veterans and civilians suffering from PTSD symptoms, this app has an initial assessment to determine the frequency and severity of symptoms over time. The Department of Veteran Affairs created it, and though it will not diagnose PTSD it offers strategies to help manage those symptoms. Learn more.
  4. SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management)- Those who choose to utilize this app will be able to keep track of what triggers their anxiety and the severity of those experiences. There are an additional 25 help options to aid users in coping with their anxiety, and users can anonymously share their experiences within the app’s cloud.
  5. Optimism- Self-tracking is utilized here for the purpose of monitoring bi-polar disorder, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Patterns can be detected to identify triggers so that mood and behaviors can be better coped with. The program allows for charting of coping mechanisms in hopes of being better prepared to understand what is needed for optimum mental health functionality.

There are additional apps that you might want to take a look at. We did not include them in our top five lists because these apps come with a nice price tag. While mental health is certainly not something to skimp out on financially, your funds might be better invested in face to face therapeutic assistance (read this). However, if you are interested, here are the other apps available:

  • Lantern
  • Talkspace
  • Big White Wall
  • Equanimity

Feel free to read more on this topic. It is definitely an interesting one in the world of mobile technology.…

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Don’t Sleep with Your Cell Phone

We are so attached to these mobile, near appendages, that we will do everything with them. In fact, they are now making water resistant cell phones for those of us who just can’t leave it on the shore, or in the den. It is kind of absurd really, when you think about just how addicted we’ve almost all become to these handheld devices.

So what about the bedroom? When you get under your comfy goose down comforter (you can find the best ones here) are you concerned with where you place your phone? The vast majority of us are capable of plugging the phone in somewhere far out of our reach when we retire for the evening. However, there are still others who are desperately attached to these blinking, buzzing, stress increasers.

Don’t Sleep with Your Cell Phone

But it Away

But, sleeping with your cell phone is highly unadvisable! There are a few reasons to reconsider adding that annoying mobile entity to your nightly pillow talk. Think on these things:

Fire- Seriously, since statistics say that 44% of us have brought the phones to bed, this should catch your attention. Recently, a teen in Texas caught her bed on fire due to utilizing a non-manufacturer battery and covering the phone with her pillow. You can read that whole story by clicking this. Most of us don’t cheap out on generic batteries for our expensive cell phones. But, those of us who do sleep with them, are certainly guilty of letting the goose down comforter, or pillow, cover them up. Don’t risk catching yourself on fire just to be alerted of the ex’s next Facebook post!

Restlessness- Those little lights on your cell phone could totally be messing with your circadian rhythms. Sound crazy? Well research has determined that the blue lights emitted can make your body think it’s daytime and thereby inhibit its production of melatonin (the hormone that helps you sleep). So, if you’re not catching yourself on fire by sleeping with the phone, you might just not be sleeping as well as you should thanks to its presence.

Radiation- Sure, there’s not definitive proof that cell phones cause cancer. However, there’s enough concern for the World Health Organization to post warnings about their usage. If you’re sleeping with the phone then you’re adding to the time you expose yourself to the proven electromagnetic radiation is does actually give off. Do you really want that being your nightly addition to life? Learn more about electromagnetic radiation here.

Ways to Avoid Sleeping with Your Phone

Now that you know why you shouldn’t sleep with your phone (mostly because you’ll never risk setting the goose down alight), it’s time to learn some steps to help you keep it out of your bed:

  • Bluetooth Headphones- If you like to listen to music while drifting off to LaLa land, try utilizing a set of Bluetooth headphones so you can leave your phone in another room.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode- This is a pretty nifty feature for those of us who are always concerned about getting that middle of the night call. You can set which contacts’ calls can come through.
  • Alarm- You know, they do make clock radios still and sometimes you can even get them really cheap at a yard sale or flea market. And, they don’t set pillows on fire or emit radiation to your brain while you sleep. Look at some of these

These are just a few suggestions to remind you: don’t sleep with your cell phone!…

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Introduction to Infrared Thermometers

We all know thermometers. They are the most common instruments used to measure temperature. A thermometer works by having the mercury inside it go up when it is exposed to heat. The more the heat, the more it goes up, which then indicates the temperature appropriate to the level inscribed on the thermometer. Infrared thermometers are similar to normal thermometers, in the sense that they also measure temperature. But the main difference between the two lies in the contact they make, or not make. Thermometers require to be physically touching the object for quite some time to have the mercury raised, but an infrared thermometer works without any physical contact. This concept alone has changed the world of temperature measurement as we know it.

Introduction to Infrared Thermometers

Main function

Instead of directly evaluating the increase in temperature, infrared thermometers rely on thermal radiations to assume a result. All objects emit a certain amount of radiation, which in specific correlate to their body temperature. Infrared thermometers assess the infrared energy being radiated by a body, and then calculates the rate at which this energy is being released. The device then utilizes all these measurements to predict the temperature of the object, all without needing to come in contact. Some infrared thermometers use a laser to guide them to the object and its thermal energy, so they are called laser thermometers as well. They are sometimes referred to as temperature guns because of their shape. In all instances and purpose, though, this ability to calculate thermal energy put infrared thermometers a step above other instruments of its kind.

In-depth Function

The lens of an infrared thermometer focuses the thermal radiation and reflects it on the detector, which is responsible for starting the initial calculations. The detector is able to transform the thermal radiation to a signal which the device can decipher. After taking in matters such as cosmic radiation, the device then displays a calculation of the temperature. Because thermal radiation does not require close proximity to be noticed, detectors can perform well from a distance, or during situations where contact can be dangerous; like with heated pans and electromagnetic fields. Infrared thermometers are especially effective against moving objects, since it is still possible to calculate the thermal radiation emitted by a body exhibiting kinetic energy. The functions of these devices can also include detection of hot spots during fire-fighting, checking the temperature of volcanoes, and also scanning for epidemics. If you want to learn more about thermal calculation and the likes, check out: http://www.omega.co.uk/techref/iredtempmeasur.html

Infrared thermometers may seem quite complex at first, but they are designed for simple applications. While they do utilize concepts such as distance to target ratio, temperature range, calibration, emissivity, and radiations, they are quite easy to use even for newcomers. What’s more, infrared thermometers are quite affordable, which is quite a surprise considering even a simple model’s capabilities. Keep in mind there are many advanced models out there that can measure with more specifications, so not all of them are meant for beginners. Nonetheless, for simple home or classroom usages, infrared thermometers are irreplaceable.…

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The Major Reason You Are Struggling To See On Your Phone

There are so many people struggle unnecessarily with vision imparities.  The problems with eyesight vary greatly for different individuals.  Some can see great distances clearly, but struggle to read books and information off electronic devices.  Others can see brilliantly up close but have blurred vision of objects that are a meter away.  If you have difficulties in reading text on your phone then you are very likely to be suffering from nearsightedness and you should make a visit with a Sugar Land eye doctor.

The Major Reason You Are Struggling To See On Your Phone

Disadvantages of poor vision

Your eyes are probably your greatest asset and even poor vision can have terrible effects on your life.  Poor eyesight can make everyday tasks such as driving and writing difficult for you and can even cause terrible headaches.

Dangerous – There are a lot of activities and work requirements that become downright dangerous if you have poor eyesight.  One of the most dangerous and selfish thing you can do is drive without proper eye ware.  You could end up endangering your own life and the lives of other drivers.

Misunderstandings – If you can’t see well you could make a lot of misunderstandings and mistake people with one another.

Unproductivity – Not being able to see can greatly affect your work productivity because it takes you much longer to do things if you have to constantly get up close to billboards to read.

Natural remedies to repair eyesight

There are some home remedies that you can try to help repair your vision such as eye exercises, sunning and palming or acupressure but all of these remedies have to be prescribed by a professional eye doctor or you might end up worsening your eye problem.   Almonds and Bilberry are some of the best foods that you can consume to help improve your eyesight naturally.

Seek professional help

If you want great eye care and prevent further damage to your eyes, you need to get tested by a professional eye doctor.  Optometrists spend years studying the latest techniques and procedures to become qualified enough to help treat your eye problem successfully.  It is much better to seek professional help rather than attempting to restore your eye sight yourself.

Things you should never do to your eyes

  • One of the top things to never do to your eyes is to use glasses that have not been subscribed to you. Using someone else’s glasses or buying reading glasses from drug stores could greatly decrease your eyesight
  • Don’t scratch your eyes. Scratching your eyes can greatly damage your eye’s lens and will also flatten down your eyeball which reduces your vision
  • Be careful of too much sugar since sugar can also affect your eyesight, especially if you are diabetic
  • Never wear your contact lenses when they have not been cleaned properly with the right solutions or you could obtain an infection in your eyes

Contact lenses cannot withstand heat and will melt into your eyes if they get heated too much.  Keep away from open fires and avoid direct contact with steam when you are cooking.…

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Ways you can make Money Using Your Smartphone

For those of you who imagined that it was inconceivable for you to profit online when you are perched on your advanced smart phone, reconsider. Here we have some interesting and helpful tips and tricks that you can use to make a lot of cash while surfing the web on your smart phone.

There is a wide range of energizing open doors that exist out there on the web, and we will give you the absolute most fascinating tips, rules and arrangements that you can envision.

Ways you can make Money Using Your Smartphone

  1. Sell your photos

Foap is an application (Android, Apple; Free) that does only that. Just bring pictures with your cell phone’s camera and your most loved photograph application, and then add them to Foap. Pretty much any sort of picture can offer if an organization supposes it will work. That implies that adorable pet picture, excursion photographs, even photographs of nourishment on the off chance that you have those. There are no restrictions on what number of photographs you can transfer, and for each deal, you get $5. On the off chance that you need to make more, Foap offers photograph missions where huge brands pay hundreds or thousands to get particular photographs.

  1. Shop online and get cash payback

Shopping is something you need to do, so why not recover some cash on items you’ve obtained? No, I’m not discussing mail-in refunds, which take always and can be all in or all out.

The Ibotta application (Android, Apple; Free) gives you moment discounts on things you buy. You can utilize it at stores, for example, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Safeway, Costco, Sam’s Club and some more. Also, it works for online stores, for example, Amazon and numerous retailers’ online shops. You can even utilize it on top of different coupons, promo codes and rebates you may have for additional reserve funds.

The cash you get once more from Ibotta can exchange to your financial balance as money through PayPal or Venmo. On the other hand you can transform it into blessing cards for Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon and more online spots you or your family jump at the chance to shop. It may sound impossible or too good to be true, however it works. Indeed, Ibotta says it’s the sixteenth most-utilized application as a part of the USA. In addition, it’s free, so you don’t have anything to lose.

  1. Sell your voice

This one may seem weird, but you can actually make a lot of money out of it. You can offer your Spanish voice over talents online and earn through it. You can use recording applications on your smart phone to record your voice samples and drop them off to voice over agencies along with your résumé. So if you think you possess a talented voice, this is the time and opportunity to put it to use and become rich.

So what do you think? We personally think that now is the time to put your smart phone to some actual use. So instead of just playing games and taking selfies, download these interesting applications to your phone and start making some cash!…

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Practical Presents to Buy

When it comes to choosing presents for someone, it might either be extremely easy or difficult to pick depending on how well you know that person. That said, there are always practical presents that you can get for someone, no matter who they may be, and they’ll be forever grateful that you got those for them. If you know, for instance, that they lost their phone a while ago and are in the need for a new one, or if you realize that they need a new watch, then if you can afford it, why not get it for them?

Practical Presents to Buy

Get them a new BlackBerry

You know what we’re talking about. These smartphones not only look good, but they’re extremely handy and practical as well. BlackBerry phones are one of the best phones out there, and if you know someone close to you who is in need for a new phone, this is just the one to get them. Here are some model suggestions that you can opt for:

  • BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930: Perhaps not one of the most recent models, there are still many people who love Bold because of how efficient it is and how comfortable it is to communicate with it. Face it, nothing beats a good old fashioned keyboard when it comes to typing things out.
  • BlackBerry Q10: Yet another model with a keyboard, this one also comes with an astounding battery life and, one again, the keyboard.
  • BlackBerry Z30: This one doesn’t have the keyboard, and instead, has a touchscreen. It comes with a large screen, which is amazing for those who love playing games, as this is a great device to play games on. Many have said that it’s even better than the BlackBerry Z10, so you can try this out if you’re looking for a touchscreen BlackBerry phone.

Buy them a new watch

We’re not talking about just any watch in this case, oh no. We’re talking about great Swiss watches, one that you will be able to present to a friend or family member and be glad that you decided to give it to them. Some may think that Swiss watches would be too expensive to afford, and although that is true, there are some affordable ones as well. Here are a few brands that have made affordable Swiss watches:

  • Victorinox Swiss Army: They’re the original inventors of the famous Swiss Army Knife, and the watches they make are just as revolutionary as their knives.
  • TISSOT: Making Swiss watches since 1853, they’re known to be the producers of excellent quality watches in extremely affordable prices.
  • Tag Heuer: Well-known for being the producers of luxurious sports watches as well as chronograph timepieces. Although this would be costlier than the other 2 brands mentioned above, for those that value performance, luxury, and quality, then this is the watch for them, as it delivers exactly what it promises and more.

If you want to know more about affordable high-end watches, read http://graciouswatch.com/7-most-affordable-swiss-made-watch-brands-high-end-quality/

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Gardening Applications to Try

There is a possibility that you would like to plan how your garden will look like but at the same time, you are not quite sure about the things that you can do to make it effective. Like a lot of people, you are someone who enjoys gardening and this is only common. While in the past, you would need to ask for someone’s help all the time regarding the gardening tips that will surely help you out, at present time, you can simply use your phone and you will have the applications that will give you the details that you need.


If in case you have already checked out your phone and you have become overwhelmed with the  wide variety of gardening applications that you should try, here are a few that you know will benefit you a lot:

  1. Garden Squared

This application will not only give you the tips or tricks that you need in order to create a great garden in real life. It will help you plan out your vegetable garden by placing some plots in a certain piece of land. On the different plots, you can place a few crops so you know that you need not worry about anything at all.

  1. Pocket Garden

There is a possibility that you are interested in having your own garden but you are unable to be successful in planting the right vegetables simply because you do not know when the vegetables are going to grow properly. Through this application, you will also get to know when you have planted the vegetables. This will help you keep track of the plants very well. You may even consider this application a necessity.

  1. Vegetable Gardening Guide

Do you think that you already have all the proper tools that you need for your garden? Perhaps you do not know how you can properly make your plants grow. Remember that there are some plants that do not grow from seeds but from cutting. You have to be sure that you will be making your vegetable grow well.

  1. Garden Design Ideas

Do you think that you need to have an inspiration regarding the type of garden that you would like to have at your very own house? You have to remember that there are various garden design ideas that will be available through this application. You may even become surprised with the images of the gardens that you will see because they do not seem to be real.

  1. Vegetable Garden

If you would not be able to make your vegetables grow, you know that it will not be worth it. If you are a bit scared that you will be overloaded with too much information, you know that the updates will come in various sessions. This will allow you to get to know a little bit of information from time to time. You can remember the information better this way.

If in case your phone is unable to have applications, you may check out feedingnature.com for all of the details that you may possibly need. You can still have the best garden if you would make the best effort of researching about it.…

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Shopping with the Use of Mobile Phones

What type of mobile phone do you have at present time? Do you have an iOS powered phone, an Android phone, Windows phone or perhaps a Blackberry? No matter what type of phone you have you know that you can use it for a wide variety of purposes.

You may want to use it in order to check your email and of course, your social media sites. At times, you may use it to check out some of the online stores that are available and purchase some of your items from there. You know that this is possible and this can be very helpful for you as well. Why do you need to turn on your laptop or computer when you can use your mobile phone to purchase the things that you need.

Shopping with the Use of Mobile Phones

You may be browsing through a website like dunklikeabeast.com so that you can see all of the products that they are selling. You may also check out if some of the items that they are selling are cheaper as compared to the other stores that are selling exactly the same thing. In order to maximize your shopping experience, here are some of the things that you should do:

  1. Compare prices of various stores.

You have to remember that there are different online sellers that are available and they will also sell and promote the things that they are selling differently. If you would choose one store immediately without checking the others, you might miss out on a store that has items that are priced lower. Just imagine the savings that you will get if you would be more patient.

If in case you are having some trouble going from one place to another, there are some apps that you can download that will allow you to do price matching in just a few simple pushes of your finger on your phone’s screen. Check out details here.

  1. Check out for promos.

Do you know why you should always be updated with the latest news that online sellers offer? It is because they sometimes offer some promos that will help you get discounts. Perhaps, you may even have a chance to buy two items that you need for the price of one because of the promo. Promos are limited so being updated is a must.

  1. Check out the more detailed product information about each item you would like to have.

You have to remember that you cannot just purchase one item online simply because you like it. You have to purchase it because you know that it is something that you can use for a long period of time. You may want to check out more items here and you can be sure that you will get detailed product information for each item that will catch your eye.

With all of these things that you can do with your mobile phone and more, you know that having the right phone that you can use with ease will make things so much easier.…

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Best Bets to Study for the CPA Exam

The Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination is an important part of every accountant’s life. It opens a door to a multitude of opportunities for budding accountants and it is a challenging one to get through. If you have a Blackberry, you are in luck. The Blackberry presently offers plenty of resources that can help you get through the exam. Finding the correct CPA study material could mean the difference between passing the exam on your first attempt and retaking certain sections multiple times. Taking CPA review courses is particularly important. Make sure you are prepared; so that you can be proud of passing the exam the first time in front of your co-workers. We have put together a list of few resources and techniques that you can use when studying for this important exam.

Best Bets to Study for the CPA Exam


Investigate what kinds of apps are available on your blackberry for the CPA exams. Mobile apps for CPA exams contain whole explanations and hints for every multiple-choice question, practice exams that are modeled after the real ones, customized practice sessions as well as memorization activities. You will be able to monitor your progress too, with these apps. These apps can be operated on your tablets as well, if you are not comfortable on the cellphone.

Flash Cards

Flashcards reinforce ant latest content and previous important details relating to the exam, they also help you observe your strengths and weaknesses, so that you can focus all your energy on certain elements and save the time. You can study and test yourself when you are away from the computer using these flashcards. Some flashcard packs even contain blank cards so that you can make up your own questions. Check your blackberry to see if it has any flashcard app to help you study for the exam.


If you enjoy visual aids, watching videos would be great for you. Sometimes we just don’t want to be reviewing and studying all day. Thus, you can watch a video on your blackberry, skim through the study text and then do practice questions on that section using the mobile apps. It will help you stay in the mindset and comprehend some concepts in a clearer way; the best part is most of these videos are short and explain things very simply.

Bottom Line

When studying for the CPA exam, there are a few techniques and devices that can be very useful. Your blackberry can come in handy in this case. A multitude of apps, flashcards and videos are now available, which allow CPA examinees to take practice tests and review the concepts. Make use of these videos, apps and flashcards so that you can take practice questions with you wherever you go and review things whenever you have some time to spare.

Make sure you break down the sections into smaller pieces when studying, so that you can read, understand and digest the information. So, you can have all your CPA exam study materials at your fingertips now. Be prepared and don’t overwhelm yourself.

For more information, visit: http://career-advice.monster.com/career-development/education-training/Best-Bets-to-Prep-for-the-CPA-Exam/article.aspx

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Ways You Can Pass Time on Your Smartphone

Of course we all get bored and it is up to us whether we pass our time in a productive way or just waste it. Technology has indeed made this struggle very easy. All we have to do is use a smartphone. Initially, you need to make sure that whatever you end up doing is productive. Smartphones are always handy and can be used even while you are standing in a queue waiting for your turn. There are several things that you can do in order to pass your time.

Pass Time on Your Smartphone

Process your inbox. Surely all of us do not actually follow the netiquettes in an efficient manner. Instead of launching another bird into the sky or tapping your screen like crazy, you can turn those moments into useful ones. You might have few emails that you are supposed to respond to but have always procrastinated. It is time that you go easy and organize your inbox by setting up some labels.

To Do List. Updating your to do list is after all a very good idea that will help you remember things and keep a track. You surely have a number of tasks scattered that need some time. Keeping your tasks in line will make things more complicated. So all you need to do is eliminate tasks you have done already and create new ones. Make sure that your list is manageable! Click here to see different ways you can take care of your phone.

Brainstorm. Seemingly, one can always take advantage when bored and be innovative. The fact that to be creative it is important to be bored highly stands important. You can always do things that you like by choosing applications like drawing app or text editors. The main purpose of this kind of brainstorming is to write down things straight away that come to your mind. Do not think about your thoughts being bad. Thoughts can never be judged! In the end you can come up with the ones that you think are worth sharing and doing.

Streaming.  Games are a great way to relieve boredom. You can choose whatever sports you like and do live streaming through the internet so you can always stay updated and connected to your favorite players. For instance, if you like football then what you can choose to do is live cowboys nfl streaming. It will surely provide the kind of entertainment that you need.

Brain Workout. It is true that brain games do not really make you smart. We always have other options like logic puzzles or crossword that will actually benefit the brain. No wonder, crossword puzzles are thought to combat Alzheimer which is highly beneficial as it is readily available. These games are fun and will surely help you pass your time in a productive manner.

Gain Knowledge. Wikipedia applications are great and are a very good way to kill time. You can always type in key words regarding what you like and select a random article. Giving it a read will provide you all the details you need with simple ideas. You do not really have to say that you are bored. All you need to do is know what you are supposed to do.…

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