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Cutting Edge Articles at Your Fingertips

Keeping pace with the latest medical and scientific research can be a challenge.  With the wide array of industry journals and publications, and the costs that go along with them, finding affordable access to even a portion of the information that may be available may be out of reach for some, especially students.

If you are looking for information on the latest cutting edge topics and trends, consider the following sources.

Cutting Edge Articles at Your Fingertips

Large Publications and News Sites

Not every large publication hides all of their information behind a pay barrier.  Some sites, such as Forbes, offer a wide range of content through their website at no cost.  As a source of news for current happenings in the world of business and economics, Forbes can be a useful source for those looking for quality information at a low cost.

Other general news websites, such as those run by CNN or Yahoo, can also connect people to a wide range of information without high costs.  If the information provided feels to introductory, then additional searches can be performed to drill down into the topic being examined, allowing the original news piece to serve as a spring board.

Open Access in Action Program

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in the areas of medicine and science by tracking some of the latest innovations, the Open Access in Action project may be precisely what you need.

Dove Press, in conjunction with Library Journal, began working on supporting a new publishing model designed to increase the availability of scholarly content to a wider audience.  The program is designed to provide benefits to authors, librarians, and readers alike by bringing the latest in peer-reviewed journal content to a wider audience.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals also collects information regarding cutting edge information that can be accessed at no cost.  This includes publications and articles across a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, education, fine arts, history, literature, philosophy, and psychology.  The directory can be searched based on specific requirements or can be browsed by topic.


Libraries in many cities and universities have access to additional resources, including subscriptions to various journal and other industry publications.  Some libraries have active subscriptions while others receive donations of publications from local area subscribers who do not intend to keep the material over the long-term.  Unlike most books, magazines are generally not available to check out.  Instead, they remain onsite, but the ability to make copies may be available.

While the number available through libraries may vary depending on the size of the city and the industries that dominate the area, university libraries may provide more access, especially in topics related to popular majors.  A university may be able to justify multiple subscriptions to the same publications based on the size of the student body, allowing for easier access to the latest developments within its associated field.

Student Discounts on Subscriptions

For current students, discount subscriptions may be available for certain publications, especially when you can demonstrate your connection to the field or work or study that is covered.  These discounts may not be readily advertised, which means a direct communication with the publication may be required in order to find out about the lower rates.