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Don’t Sleep with Your Cell Phone

We are so attached to these mobile, near appendages, that we will do everything with them. In fact, they are now making water resistant cell phones for those of us who just can’t leave it on the shore, or in the den. It is kind of absurd really, when you think about just how addicted we’ve almost all become to these handheld devices.

So what about the bedroom? When you get under your comfy goose down comforter (you can find the best ones here) are you concerned with where you place your phone? The vast majority of us are capable of plugging the phone in somewhere far out of our reach when we retire for the evening. However, there are still others who are desperately attached to these blinking, buzzing, stress increasers.

Don’t Sleep with Your Cell Phone

But it Away

But, sleeping with your cell phone is highly unadvisable! There are a few reasons to reconsider adding that annoying mobile entity to your nightly pillow talk. Think on these things:

Fire- Seriously, since statistics say that 44% of us have brought the phones to bed, this should catch your attention. Recently, a teen in Texas caught her bed on fire due to utilizing a non-manufacturer battery and covering the phone with her pillow. You can read that whole story by clicking this. Most of us don’t cheap out on generic batteries for our expensive cell phones. But, those of us who do sleep with them, are certainly guilty of letting the goose down comforter, or pillow, cover them up. Don’t risk catching yourself on fire just to be alerted of the ex’s next Facebook post!

Restlessness- Those little lights on your cell phone could totally be messing with your circadian rhythms. Sound crazy? Well research has determined that the blue lights emitted can make your body think it’s daytime and thereby inhibit its production of melatonin (the hormone that helps you sleep). So, if you’re not catching yourself on fire by sleeping with the phone, you might just not be sleeping as well as you should thanks to its presence.

Radiation- Sure, there’s not definitive proof that cell phones cause cancer. However, there’s enough concern for the World Health Organization to post warnings about their usage. If you’re sleeping with the phone then you’re adding to the time you expose yourself to the proven electromagnetic radiation is does actually give off. Do you really want that being your nightly addition to life? Learn more about electromagnetic radiation here.

Ways to Avoid Sleeping with Your Phone

Now that you know why you shouldn’t sleep with your phone (mostly because you’ll never risk setting the goose down alight), it’s time to learn some steps to help you keep it out of your bed:

  • Bluetooth Headphones- If you like to listen to music while drifting off to LaLa land, try utilizing a set of Bluetooth headphones so you can leave your phone in another room.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode- This is a pretty nifty feature for those of us who are always concerned about getting that middle of the night call. You can set which contacts’ calls can come through.
  • Alarm- You know, they do make clock radios still and sometimes you can even get them really cheap at a yard sale or flea market. And, they don’t set pillows on fire or emit radiation to your brain while you sleep. Look at some of these

These are just a few suggestions to remind you: don’t sleep with your cell phone!