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Funny Things to Read on Your Phone

Laughter is good for you.  As in, laughter is good for your health.  Studies have shown that a good laugh will reduce your stress levels, increase immune cells, boost antibodies and it triggers your body’s production of endorphins which is the body’s feel-good hormones. Just a few minutes of watching funny videos can help you change your mood when you are feeling depressed and helps you overcome stress.  You also forget terrible events much easier and get over sad occurrences in your life a lot faster when you laugh. Laughter is terrific for making friends since no one likes to hang out with someone that is negative all the time.  If you are looking for a good laugh then grab your smartphone and start reading some of these funny works and sites.

Funny Things to Read on Your Phone

Works by Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins is an illustrator and cartoonist.  He has won several awards over the past few years and has made his way into famous magazines with his work. He is from Hertfordshire in UK and his works are becoming more and more popular amongst magazines, websites and more.  If you want a good laugh then you should definitely check out some of his comic strips that are featured in The Guardian Weekend magazine or you can read his debut novel; The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil.  Stephen Collins has a terrific way of changing everyday events into hilarious events and his works are sure to brighten your day.

Create your own funnies

Creating your own funny is a great way to boost your self-esteem.  You also overcome your terrible situations much better when you find out how many people share the same embarrassments, annoyances and occurrences by the amount of shares you get.  Funny AF is a great app that allows you to make your very own memes and funnies which you can share with family, friends and even the world.

Check out these sites

There are plenty of websites that features jokes, funny films, hilarious gif’s, nostalgic memes and much more.  These sites feature only these funnies.  You can spend hours a day on popular sites like 9Gag, Break, iFunny, Daily Rage Comics and more and get your fill of happy hormones.  And if you are in the mood for a good moan or simply want to feed off other people’s tragedies then Lamebook is the place to visit.

Stick to YouTube

YouTube is still one of the best sites to scout for some funnies.  YouTube has thousands of hours’ worth of funny videos that are sure to make you laugh no matter how sad or terrible your day is going.  In fact, it is the one website that has more funnies than you can watch even if you watch funnies all the time and every day of your life. Just a few minutes of watching funny cat videos, crazy accidents, stupid people with their stupid mistakes and bizarre occurrences is all you need to forget even the toughest of things that happened to you today.