Reasons to still consider a Blackberry as your chosen Smartphone

I personally loved my Blackberry Torch the most. This was one of the most die-hard phones I have ever had and with so many benefits I really struggled to move on to next generation phones. I absolutely loved having my life on my phone and have to admit when I got my first Blackberry there was a love-hate relationship present at first. This was till I actually figured out how to use it. I found that the apps were revolutionary at that time and I loved that with BIS everything was included at a very small charge. I could access my email, my social media and everything else with my trusty and reliable Blackberry.

In the mobile phone industry it has become adamant that competition is present daily and that there are always new and better technology coming forth and being introduced. Where does Blackberry fit into all this? With the lovely and convenient new models being released I would stay it still is a very popular choice. Take a look at the Blackberry Passport here. It is also a fact that most of the Smart phones that are being released might be beautiful with high specs but are still pretty flimsy. That is one thing I never found with my Blackberry. I am an absolute klutz and I have to say I have dropped my phones on many occasions. My Blackberry survived it all and my new popular Smart Phone didn’t. After just one drop I had to look at a shattered screen and grimace at the amount I paid for the phone.

Reasons to still consider a Blackberry as your chosen Smartphone

I also recall taking the best photos with my Blackberry. I was able to enjoy snapping pictures rather conveniently during all my favorite events and memorable moments. Today phones are kitted out with some fantastic cameras and it is not at all like the old days where you could barely make out a face or identify a person with the VGA cameras. Click here to take a look at methods to snap the best photos with your mobile phone. It is however a fact that if you are a keen photographer you would still need to invest in a great camera for the best shots and perhaps take a look at how to use Lightroom instead of Photoshop in order to gain information about revolutionary and new photo editing software.

We all had our days where we spent time on the phone complaining about crashed software on our Blackberry phones but I have to admit those days were few and far between in comparison to the problems I have been having with my newest phone. I also loved the customer service I had from Blackberry. The one time I can recall when I was completely stunned by the good service I received was a time when all Blackberry phones crashed and we couldn’t access any of our favorite applications for a day. We were given 5 top apps for free to download the next day.…

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Funny Things to Read on Your Phone

Laughter is good for you.  As in, laughter is good for your health.  Studies have shown that a good laugh will reduce your stress levels, increase immune cells, boost antibodies and it triggers your body’s production of endorphins which is the body’s feel-good hormones. Just a few minutes of watching funny videos can help you change your mood when you are feeling depressed and helps you overcome stress.  You also forget terrible events much easier and get over sad occurrences in your life a lot faster when you laugh. Laughter is terrific for making friends since no one likes to hang out with someone that is negative all the time.  If you are looking for a good laugh then grab your smartphone and start reading some of these funny works and sites.

Funny Things to Read on Your Phone

Works by Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins is an illustrator and cartoonist.  He has won several awards over the past few years and has made his way into famous magazines with his work. He is from Hertfordshire in UK and his works are becoming more and more popular amongst magazines, websites and more.  If you want a good laugh then you should definitely check out some of his comic strips that are featured in The Guardian Weekend magazine or you can read his debut novel; The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil.  Stephen Collins has a terrific way of changing everyday events into hilarious events and his works are sure to brighten your day.

Create your own funnies

Creating your own funny is a great way to boost your self-esteem.  You also overcome your terrible situations much better when you find out how many people share the same embarrassments, annoyances and occurrences by the amount of shares you get.  Funny AF is a great app that allows you to make your very own memes and funnies which you can share with family, friends and even the world.

Check out these sites

There are plenty of websites that features jokes, funny films, hilarious gif’s, nostalgic memes and much more.  These sites feature only these funnies.  You can spend hours a day on popular sites like 9Gag, Break, iFunny, Daily Rage Comics and more and get your fill of happy hormones.  And if you are in the mood for a good moan or simply want to feed off other people’s tragedies then Lamebook is the place to visit.

Stick to YouTube

YouTube is still one of the best sites to scout for some funnies.  YouTube has thousands of hours’ worth of funny videos that are sure to make you laugh no matter how sad or terrible your day is going.  In fact, it is the one website that has more funnies than you can watch even if you watch funnies all the time and every day of your life. Just a few minutes of watching funny cat videos, crazy accidents, stupid people with their stupid mistakes and bizarre occurrences is all you need to forget even the toughest of things that happened to you today.…

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Find Discount Flights Right from Your Phone

With smartphones being so mainstream, it isn’t a surprise that most of us want to manage more of our lives through those pocket-sized screens. Luckily, there isn’t much these devices can’t help us do, especially when it comes to discounted airline tickets. Whether you prefer a web-based or app-based approach, your phone will have you covered.

So, take a seat, lock your tray table, place your seat in the full, upright position, and get ready to find cheap flights no matter where you are.

Web Browser

Your phone’s web browser gives you access to almost any site you would normally want to visit. That means you can go to your favorite airline directly or use various aggregate sites, you can perform searches from just about anywhere. As long as you have a cellular signal or available Wi-Fi connection, you can search to your heart’s content.

The web browser will also allow you to access links through any connected email. If you receive a sales email, and want to take advantage of the deal right away, simply clicking on the link should open a browser tab. Then, you can complete your purchase or research from there.

If you find a flight you like, you can treat it just like your browser. You may have the option to save the flight to your profile on the site, or simply leave your search open. It is important to note that many of these searches do time out, so you may need to refresh your search to see the latest information when you return to the site.

Find Discount Flights Right from Your Phone

Travel Apps

Individual airlines and travel sites usually offer their own apps as well. This can provide a friendlier interface for smaller screened smartphones, and it is often simpler to operate than going through the browser. However, some apps will only have certain features when compared to a full complement available directly through the site.

Since the app is meant to be used on a mobile device, it can be an excellent option for performing quick searches while on the go. You may also be able to sign up for notifications to let you know when a particularly good deal becomes available, making it easier to get the best deal right when it starts.

Having multiple travel apps available can also make it easy to cross-compare options while you are on the go. Input the same details into each app, and see who has the best offer at the moment. It isn’t uncommon for prices on the same seats to be different depending on where you buy. So taking a moment to comparison shop can save you some money without requiring a lot of your time.

Buying Online

When it comes time to make a purchase, do make sure you are using a secure internet connection. Open networks, such as the Wi-Fi at a local coffee shop, may leave you vulnerable to intrusion or can let other people see your activities. That means, if you are entering your personal and credit card information, it is possible for someone else to access that data.

This risk is inherent with the type of internet service, and not just the device. For example, the same vulnerabilities may exist when using a laptop on public Wi-Fi as a smartphone. You can lower your risk by installing a quality antivirus program and keeping it up to date.…

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Top Mental Health Apps for Your Phone

As the world becomes more and more dependent upon mobile technology, mental health providers are delving into that world as well. They see the advent of mental health apps as a means of providing continued service for their patients. Some believe these apps will allow those who are unwilling, or unable, to engage in face to face therapy to receive the assistance they desperately need. Teenagers seem to be a prime target for these apps.

You would be surprised by the number of options available for people to get mental health help on their cell phones. In fact, we discovered one woman who offers hypnosis over the phone. While we are relatively certain she has not attained the best hypnosis certification in Florida and New York, we are still intrigued by the oddity of her offerings. However, we would recommend that you at least find a reputable source for such endeavors. But what about other mental health app options?

Top Mental Health Apps for Your Phone

Five Mental Health Apps to Consider

Your emotional and mental health is not something to take lightly. If you feel like you cannot afford face to face therapy, or would simply prefer to explore your options, these five mental health apps are a good place to start:

  1. Code Blue- This is specifically geared towards teenagers suffering from bullying and/or depression. Conceptually, a support group will be created and with a few clicks they can be notified that the teen is in need of assistance. There’s even a GPS type capability to let users know where to find the teen in case of an emergency.
  2. Breathe2Relax- Designed for those dealing with anxiety, this app will lead the user through breathing strategies to help him/her calm down when anxiety strikes. It is supposed to aid in the reduction of anger and stress, and to help stabilize one’s moods.
  3. PTSD Coach– Developed for veterans and civilians suffering from PTSD symptoms, this app has an initial assessment to determine the frequency and severity of symptoms over time. The Department of Veteran Affairs created it, and though it will not diagnose PTSD it offers strategies to help manage those symptoms. Learn more.
  4. SAM (Self-help for Anxiety Management)- Those who choose to utilize this app will be able to keep track of what triggers their anxiety and the severity of those experiences. There are an additional 25 help options to aid users in coping with their anxiety, and users can anonymously share their experiences within the app’s cloud.
  5. Optimism- Self-tracking is utilized here for the purpose of monitoring bi-polar disorder, depression, PTSD, and anxiety. Patterns can be detected to identify triggers so that mood and behaviors can be better coped with. The program allows for charting of coping mechanisms in hopes of being better prepared to understand what is needed for optimum mental health functionality.

There are additional apps that you might want to take a look at. We did not include them in our top five lists because these apps come with a nice price tag. While mental health is certainly not something to skimp out on financially, your funds might be better invested in face to face therapeutic assistance (read this). However, if you are interested, here are the other apps available:

  • Lantern
  • Talkspace
  • Big White Wall
  • Equanimity

Feel free to read more on this topic. It is definitely an interesting one in the world of mobile technology.…

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Don’t Sleep with Your Cell Phone

We are so attached to these mobile, near appendages, that we will do everything with them. In fact, they are now making water resistant cell phones for those of us who just can’t leave it on the shore, or in the den. It is kind of absurd really, when you think about just how addicted we’ve almost all become to these handheld devices.

So what about the bedroom? When you get under your comfy goose down comforter (you can find the best ones here) are you concerned with where you place your phone? The vast majority of us are capable of plugging the phone in somewhere far out of our reach when we retire for the evening. However, there are still others who are desperately attached to these blinking, buzzing, stress increasers.

Don’t Sleep with Your Cell Phone

But it Away

But, sleeping with your cell phone is highly unadvisable! There are a few reasons to reconsider adding that annoying mobile entity to your nightly pillow talk. Think on these things:

Fire- Seriously, since statistics say that 44% of us have brought the phones to bed, this should catch your attention. Recently, a teen in Texas caught her bed on fire due to utilizing a non-manufacturer battery and covering the phone with her pillow. You can read that whole story by clicking this. Most of us don’t cheap out on generic batteries for our expensive cell phones. But, those of us who do sleep with them, are certainly guilty of letting the goose down comforter, or pillow, cover them up. Don’t risk catching yourself on fire just to be alerted of the ex’s next Facebook post!

Restlessness- Those little lights on your cell phone could totally be messing with your circadian rhythms. Sound crazy? Well research has determined that the blue lights emitted can make your body think it’s daytime and thereby inhibit its production of melatonin (the hormone that helps you sleep). So, if you’re not catching yourself on fire by sleeping with the phone, you might just not be sleeping as well as you should thanks to its presence.

Radiation- Sure, there’s not definitive proof that cell phones cause cancer. However, there’s enough concern for the World Health Organization to post warnings about their usage. If you’re sleeping with the phone then you’re adding to the time you expose yourself to the proven electromagnetic radiation is does actually give off. Do you really want that being your nightly addition to life? Learn more about electromagnetic radiation here.

Ways to Avoid Sleeping with Your Phone

Now that you know why you shouldn’t sleep with your phone (mostly because you’ll never risk setting the goose down alight), it’s time to learn some steps to help you keep it out of your bed:

  • Bluetooth Headphones- If you like to listen to music while drifting off to LaLa land, try utilizing a set of Bluetooth headphones so you can leave your phone in another room.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode- This is a pretty nifty feature for those of us who are always concerned about getting that middle of the night call. You can set which contacts’ calls can come through.
  • Alarm- You know, they do make clock radios still and sometimes you can even get them really cheap at a yard sale or flea market. And, they don’t set pillows on fire or emit radiation to your brain while you sleep. Look at some of these

These are just a few suggestions to remind you: don’t sleep with your cell phone!…

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Why You Should Be Reading Up On Waist Training Right Now!

If you are in need of a new challenge and something new and exciting to learn about then it is time to start reading up about waist training.  Waist training or better known as corset training is currently the biggest workout and body transforming routine since the hourglass figure and look is now once again the desired look for everyone.  In the past corsets were worn to slim down and get that stylish feline look and now corsets are back but with one big difference.   They are now specially designed to improve the body and to slim you down so can enjoy a much smaller waist even when you don’t wear your waist trainer.

Why You Should Be Reading Up On Waist Training Right Now!

Waist training benefits

Slim down instantly – When you wear a waist trainer you instantly lose some inches around your mid-section so you can look slimmer and firmer in just about any outfit.

Transform your body – Women who do consistent waist training are transforming their bodies for the hourglass look because the trainer helps you tone down your belly and your love handles so you look skinnier.

Lose weight – When you wear the waist trainer for a couple of hours a day your belly shrinks down and your stubborn love handles are targeted so you can lose weight in these hard to shake areas a lot faster.   The heat supplied by the waist trainer and the compression in the mid-section helps your body target this area.

Improves your posture – Slouching has terrible long term affects for your body.  When you wear a waist trainer your posture is automatically improved so you can look more professional, improve blood circulation and digestion and so you will look a lot skinnier.

Added workout support – When you work out while wearing your waist trainer does not just improve the effects of the workout but also adds added support to your back while you do heavy lifting or stretches.

How to do waist training

You can wear a waist trainer anywhere.  At work, at home or on the go but waist training is not easy to start off with.  When you start out you will feel incredibly uncomfortable because you are not used to the added pressure on your belly.  The best way to start waist training is to ensure that you choose a good and adjustable waist trainer that allows you to start adjust the size as you get more accustomed to waist training and to start off by only wearing the trainer for short periods of time and increasing the duration of the wear as you start to feel more comfortable.

Where to find the best wait trainers

There are plenty of waist trainers on the market but only a few have the correct design to provide the needed support and pressure in all of the right places.  You can buy here to find the best waist trainer for your unique body and your unique needs.

The best waist trainer workouts

You can do just about any workout while wearing a waist trainer.  The waist trainer will help you maintain good posture and protect your back no matter what type of workouts you enjoy.  Just be sure to start of slow while combining waist training and workouts so you don’t end up passing out if you are not used to the pressure on your belly.…

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Choosing the Right Mattress

While you may not get as much sleep as you probably should, the sleep you do get ought to be restful and beneficial to your body. Some mattresses are better designed for your specific needs than others. Sadly, most people go into the act of choosing the right mattress simply by picking one that “feels” good. Unfortunately, what feels good briefly may not stay that way over a full night of sleep.

When you want to feel good in the morning you need to ensure that you have chosen a mattress that supports you and your bodily needs. Since there are a number of different types of mattresses, it’s in your best interest to determine the pros and cons of each. Thankfully, we’ve done most of that hard work for you.

Choosing the Right Mattress

Types of Mattresses

There are a number of different mattress types for your perusal and evaluation:

  • Innerspring– These are the most common mattresses on the market. There are individually enclosed springs designed to support your body. The coils are designed to endure many years of use and are covered by latex, memory foam, or pillow tops. Just so you know, more coils don’t necessarily equate with more comfort even when the salesperson says so. In fact, 390 should be just fine. Cheaper versions, with lesser numbers of coils will ultimately end up contributing to your aching back. Learn more here.
  • Memory Foam– You needs the best memory foam mattress. They are designed by layers of varying density foams. They are known for their comfort levels because they adjust to your body’s contours and temperature. This allows these mattresses to relieve pain and reduce pressure points. They can also absorb movement so your spouse won’t wake you when he/she moves. The biggest problem is in the temperature effects. Because they absorb your body’s heat they can make you get hot in the night.
  • Latex- These are made from synthetic or natural rubber and are known for their bouncy but very firm support. They are likened to memory foam with regards to their ability to provide comfort, however they are significantly more firm than a memory foam mattress. If extra firm is not desirable for you then this mattress type is not recommended. Click this to understand more about latex.
  • Air Mattress– Not the kind you blow up when you go camping. These actually look a lot like innerspring mattresses. However, their “coils” are actually chambers full of air. Then they are covered by a layer of foam. They are adjustable and are frequently used for people with spine injuries to alleviate pressure points. These mattresses provide the ability to alter the firmness levels on each side so that couples can adjust individual sides to meet their personal needs. Don’t get one that doesn’t have multiple chambers and make sure you inflate the sides fully so that you don’t wake up with a back ache.

Once you have chosen a mattress we recommend looking into adjustable beds (read more). These beds elevate and bend at your command and in various angles. A number of mattress types can be used although spring mattresses don’t work well because they are not very flexible. Adjustable beds are great for people who want to watch TV, have sleep apnea or acid reflux as the adjustability allows them to be in the proper elevation to alleviate the troubles (or see the TV).…

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Cutting Edge Articles at Your Fingertips

Keeping pace with the latest medical and scientific research can be a challenge.  With the wide array of industry journals and publications, and the costs that go along with them, finding affordable access to even a portion of the information that may be available may be out of reach for some, especially students.

If you are looking for information on the latest cutting edge topics and trends, consider the following sources.

Cutting Edge Articles at Your Fingertips

Large Publications and News Sites

Not every large publication hides all of their information behind a pay barrier.  Some sites, such as Forbes, offer a wide range of content through their website at no cost.  As a source of news for current happenings in the world of business and economics, Forbes can be a useful source for those looking for quality information at a low cost.

Other general news websites, such as those run by CNN or Yahoo, can also connect people to a wide range of information without high costs.  If the information provided feels to introductory, then additional searches can be performed to drill down into the topic being examined, allowing the original news piece to serve as a spring board.

Open Access in Action Program

If you are interested in expanding your knowledge in the areas of medicine and science by tracking some of the latest innovations, the Open Access in Action project may be precisely what you need.

Dove Press, in conjunction with Library Journal, began working on supporting a new publishing model designed to increase the availability of scholarly content to a wider audience.  The program is designed to provide benefits to authors, librarians, and readers alike by bringing the latest in peer-reviewed journal content to a wider audience.

Directory of Open Access Journals

The Directory of Open Access Journals also collects information regarding cutting edge information that can be accessed at no cost.  This includes publications and articles across a variety of subjects including, but not limited to, education, fine arts, history, literature, philosophy, and psychology.  The directory can be searched based on specific requirements or can be browsed by topic.


Libraries in many cities and universities have access to additional resources, including subscriptions to various journal and other industry publications.  Some libraries have active subscriptions while others receive donations of publications from local area subscribers who do not intend to keep the material over the long-term.  Unlike most books, magazines are generally not available to check out.  Instead, they remain onsite, but the ability to make copies may be available.

While the number available through libraries may vary depending on the size of the city and the industries that dominate the area, university libraries may provide more access, especially in topics related to popular majors.  A university may be able to justify multiple subscriptions to the same publications based on the size of the student body, allowing for easier access to the latest developments within its associated field.

Student Discounts on Subscriptions

For current students, discount subscriptions may be available for certain publications, especially when you can demonstrate your connection to the field or work or study that is covered.  These discounts may not be readily advertised, which means a direct communication with the publication may be required in order to find out about the lower rates.…

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Introduction to Infrared Thermometers

We all know thermometers. They are the most common instruments used to measure temperature. A thermometer works by having the mercury inside it go up when it is exposed to heat. The more the heat, the more it goes up, which then indicates the temperature appropriate to the level inscribed on the thermometer. Infrared thermometers are similar to normal thermometers, in the sense that they also measure temperature. But the main difference between the two lies in the contact they make, or not make. Thermometers require to be physically touching the object for quite some time to have the mercury raised, but an infrared thermometer works without any physical contact. This concept alone has changed the world of temperature measurement as we know it.

Introduction to Infrared Thermometers

Main function

Instead of directly evaluating the increase in temperature, infrared thermometers rely on thermal radiations to assume a result. All objects emit a certain amount of radiation, which in specific correlate to their body temperature. Infrared thermometers assess the infrared energy being radiated by a body, and then calculates the rate at which this energy is being released. The device then utilizes all these measurements to predict the temperature of the object, all without needing to come in contact. Some infrared thermometers use a laser to guide them to the object and its thermal energy, so they are called laser thermometers as well. They are sometimes referred to as temperature guns because of their shape. In all instances and purpose, though, this ability to calculate thermal energy put infrared thermometers a step above other instruments of its kind.

In-depth Function

The lens of an infrared thermometer focuses the thermal radiation and reflects it on the detector, which is responsible for starting the initial calculations. The detector is able to transform the thermal radiation to a signal which the device can decipher. After taking in matters such as cosmic radiation, the device then displays a calculation of the temperature. Because thermal radiation does not require close proximity to be noticed, detectors can perform well from a distance, or during situations where contact can be dangerous; like with heated pans and electromagnetic fields. Infrared thermometers are especially effective against moving objects, since it is still possible to calculate the thermal radiation emitted by a body exhibiting kinetic energy. The functions of these devices can also include detection of hot spots during fire-fighting, checking the temperature of volcanoes, and also scanning for epidemics. If you want to learn more about thermal calculation and the likes, check out:

Infrared thermometers may seem quite complex at first, but they are designed for simple applications. While they do utilize concepts such as distance to target ratio, temperature range, calibration, emissivity, and radiations, they are quite easy to use even for newcomers. What’s more, infrared thermometers are quite affordable, which is quite a surprise considering even a simple model’s capabilities. Keep in mind there are many advanced models out there that can measure with more specifications, so not all of them are meant for beginners. Nonetheless, for simple home or classroom usages, infrared thermometers are irreplaceable.…

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The Right Way for Business Men to Care for Sensitive Skin

The corporate world is tough on men these days.  Along with the empowerment of women came a whole lot of criticism for men and their ways.  If you work in the corporate world you have to be so much more than just good at your job or endure a whole lot of harassment by the feline population.  Men are now judged on their looks and on their bodies, their fashion sense and just about any other aspects of their lives.  One of the biggest things guys get judged about is their beards.  Very few guys get away with wearing a beard in the clean shaved corporate environment which is quite hard on those who are suffering from consistent breakouts due to shaving.  Here are some great tips on how guys with sensitive skin can be smoother and pain free despite their grooming requirements.

The Right Way for Business Men to Care for Sensitive Skin

Shave the right way

Your shaving technique, soap and razor can cause a lot of bumps, rashes and ingrown hair when you are using the wrong products or methods.  It is also incredibly hard for you to get the right technique for shaving since all men and all beards are completely different and respond different to different products.  If you are constantly suffering from rashes and bumps then you should try a different razor or different shaving cream to see if you could get any improvement. Learning how to shave the right way can also improve the condition of your skin a lot.

Try electric shavers instead

Electric shavers are excellent for men with sensitive skin because they can get a much smoother shave with less chance of obtaining a skin rash since the electric shaver cuts the hairs just above the skin and not below the skin like razors do.  The best electric razor for men allows you to shave with and without water and with or without shaving creams so you can find the best possible technique that works for your unique skin type.  You can also be much more time efficient with an electric shaver since you can shave just about anywhere or simply get a quick trim before heading to a big meeting.

Give aftershave for sensitive skin a try

Aftershave is not just for a great smell.  Aftershaves for sensitive skin can actually prevent a lot of bumps and rashes because they sterilize the shaved area and they reduce inflammation.  When you try a new aftershave it might be wise to test the products on a small area of your face before to ensure that the aftershave does not burn you or cause an allergic reaction.

Use a moisturizer and stay hydrated

Using a skin moisturizer and drinking plenty of water can also help you with rashes because your skin will be much more elastic and smoother. Shaving dry skin causes a lot more bumps and rashes because there is plenty of loose skins that gets ripped and cut off.

With the right shaving technique or products you can skip out on a lot of pain and be completely smart looking, groomed and clean shaved so you can shine and be a star in the competitive corporate world.…

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