BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1 Review

BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1

BlackBerry Smartphone’s are some of the biggest and most sought after devices of today and it isn’t difficult to see why. They offer a lot of good qualities in many areas. However, the first models of the BlackBerry were extremely popular because they were so useful but how does the latest models compare to the older ones? Well it does seem there are some new features to adore.

The Keyboard Is Updated

The QWERTY keyboard isn’t quite like the traditional BlackBerry keyboards because it’s not buttons but there is still the keyboard. For those who are die-hard BlackBerry lovers, they might find the new keyboard a little hard to get used to.

However, the keyboard isn’t impossible to use which is really important to remember because if you’re buying a phone for the keyboard, you can find it’s easy to use once you get used to it. The BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1 in Canada will be really popular.see it from

You Won’t Struggle To Read Your Texts

p3The Canada BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1 does sport a fantastically big LCD screen – much bigger than previous models. Of course, the keyboard isn’t built in like other keyboards which may be just a great thing. The reason why is simply because it offers much more room for you to enjoy and it does make it a little easier to see what’s on the phone. For those who do a lot of texting, being able to read what’s on the screen is important and the Passport is great.Read More Reviews!

Unlocked Offers More Room to Manoeuvre

One of the best things about the BlackBerry Passport in Canada today, has to be the fact it’s unlocked. If you were to get the unlocked model then it will allow you some freedom to move. You aren’t just stuck with one carrier and it feels much better overall. This is why more and more are choosing to go for the unlocked model. However, take away the unlocked mode; the BlackBerry Passport is really a fairly impressive option.

A Lot to Get Used To

Let’s be honest, the Canada BlackBerry Passport isn’t like previous models in so many ways. It may actually take some time to get used to what’s on offer but that doesn’t mean to say it’s not a good phone. This doesn’t quite feel like a traditional BlackBerry and that can be a good thing because it’s still a BlackBerry with a modern twist to it. Of course, traditional fans may not appreciate the new style but it’s still one to maybe try.

Overall Results

np1There are a host of great features as well as a larger screen to enjoy. The Passport looks very impressive and even though it doesn’t look like a BlackBerry, it might attract more to it. The reason why is simply because many aren’t too sure about using a QWERTY keyboard but the Passport offers some unique changes. Of course, the changes seem really complicated but they are simple and they offer lots of quality which is important to remember. The BlackBerry Passport SQW100-1 could very well be one you enjoy.Read More Reviews!

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Best Unlocked Phone – The BlackBerry Classic SQC100-4 Review

The BlackBerry Classic

Getting the best unlocked phone in Nova Scotia is very important because let’s face it, no one wants to be stuck with a useless phone. However, no one does Smartphone’s as BlackBerry. They are a pioneer for the Smartphone and even though there are lots of big names, they will always be around because they offer something unique – keyboards! It might not sound all that important but it counts for a lot.

Traditional Style or Old-School

np9 To be honest, the BlackBerry Classic SQ100-4 does sport a lovely modern style. It has the classic design of the QWERTY keyboard which most, if not all BlackBerry phones has but it also has a modern feel to it. That will be important because most people today want a modern style and the BlackBerry is able to offer it and more. A lot of people still want the physical buttons there and they do make it easier to type so the traditional style is perfect and it isn’t overly done either. This has to be one of the best unlocked phones in Nova Scotia today.Read More Reviews!

The Features

The BlackBerry Classic does look similar to a previous model, the Bold 9900; however the screen size is still pretty efficient. The phone isn’t overly big even with the QWERTY keyboard so that is a great feature. However the keyboard goes back to the traditional form and it works out so well especially for those who want too type without any issue. For those who are big BlackBerry fans, this is going to be the one for them. Though, getting used to the new interface or touch system might be a little tricky but once you get used to it, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

Plenty of Storage

The BlackBerry Classic does have a big storage capacity and comes with a NANO SIM card slot and Micro SD card as well which is perfect! If you need a lot of space then this phone is the best to choose and the phone itself has a good amount of basic internal storage options too. Of course, the matte bezel frame is really high class and adds more luxury to the phone. The LCD screen is good and gets good coverage even when the light is shining on it.

How Good Is The Internal Features?

One of the best unlocked phones in Nova Scotia today has to be the BlackBerry Classic because of its great features. For a start, the call quality is very impressive and the call channel is nice and clear so there shouldn’t be an issue when trying to make calls. Also, the sign strengths for the reception are really good. This can always be a grey area for most phones but the Classic seems to be able to offer a fairly impressive amount of reception. The battery life can be good as well though if you play games a lot then it may not last as long but it all depends on what you choose to do with the phone.see more from

Overall Feelings

p2In most cases, true BlackBerry enthusiasts will enjoy this phone and it does have a lot of good qualities. However, there aren’t many drawbacks or downsides to the phone which is always good. For those who don’t know too much about the BlackBerry, this could be one to consider trying because it does offer a lot of quality in many areas. The BlackBerry Classic might be one worth trying.Read more Reviews!

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