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The Right Way for Business Men to Care for Sensitive Skin

The corporate world is tough on men these days.  Along with the empowerment of women came a whole lot of criticism for men and their ways.  If you work in the corporate world you have to be so much more than just good at your job or endure a whole lot of harassment by the feline population.  Men are now judged on their looks and on their bodies, their fashion sense and just about any other aspects of their lives.  One of the biggest things guys get judged about is their beards.  Very few guys get away with wearing a beard in the clean shaved corporate environment which is quite hard on those who are suffering from consistent breakouts due to shaving.  Here are some great tips on how guys with sensitive skin can be smoother and pain free despite their grooming requirements.

The Right Way for Business Men to Care for Sensitive Skin

Shave the right way

Your shaving technique, soap and razor can cause a lot of bumps, rashes and ingrown hair when you are using the wrong products or methods.  It is also incredibly hard for you to get the right technique for shaving since all men and all beards are completely different and respond different to different products.  If you are constantly suffering from rashes and bumps then you should try a different razor or different shaving cream to see if you could get any improvement. Learning how to shave the right way can also improve the condition of your skin a lot.

Try electric shavers instead

Electric shavers are excellent for men with sensitive skin because they can get a much smoother shave with less chance of obtaining a skin rash since the electric shaver cuts the hairs just above the skin and not below the skin like razors do.  The best electric razor for men allows you to shave with and without water and with or without shaving creams so you can find the best possible technique that works for your unique skin type.  You can also be much more time efficient with an electric shaver since you can shave just about anywhere or simply get a quick trim before heading to a big meeting.

Give aftershave for sensitive skin a try

Aftershave is not just for a great smell.  Aftershaves for sensitive skin can actually prevent a lot of bumps and rashes because they sterilize the shaved area and they reduce inflammation.  When you try a new aftershave it might be wise to test the products on a small area of your face before to ensure that the aftershave does not burn you or cause an allergic reaction.

Use a moisturizer and stay hydrated

Using a skin moisturizer and drinking plenty of water can also help you with rashes because your skin will be much more elastic and smoother. Shaving dry skin causes a lot more bumps and rashes because there is plenty of loose skins that gets ripped and cut off.

With the right shaving technique or products you can skip out on a lot of pain and be completely smart looking, groomed and clean shaved so you can shine and be a star in the competitive corporate world.