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Reasons to still consider a Blackberry as your chosen Smartphone

I personally loved my Blackberry Torch the most. This was one of the most die-hard phones I have ever had and with so many benefits I really struggled to move on to next generation phones. I absolutely loved having my life on my phone and have to admit when I got my first Blackberry there was a love-hate relationship present at first. This was till I actually figured out how to use it. I found that the apps were revolutionary at that time and I loved that with BIS everything was included at a very small charge. I could access my email, my social media and everything else with my trusty and reliable Blackberry.

In the mobile phone industry it has become adamant that competition is present daily and that there are always new and better technology coming forth and being introduced. Where does Blackberry fit into all this? With the lovely and convenient new models being released I would stay it still is a very popular choice. Take a look at the Blackberry Passport here. It is also a fact that most of the Smart phones that are being released might be beautiful with high specs but are still pretty flimsy. That is one thing I never found with my Blackberry. I am an absolute klutz and I have to say I have dropped my phones on many occasions. My Blackberry survived it all and my new popular Smart Phone didn’t. After just one drop I had to look at a shattered screen and grimace at the amount I paid for the phone.

Reasons to still consider a Blackberry as your chosen Smartphone

I also recall taking the best photos with my Blackberry. I was able to enjoy snapping pictures rather conveniently during all my favorite events and memorable moments. Today phones are kitted out with some fantastic cameras and it is not at all like the old days where you could barely make out a face or identify a person with the VGA cameras. Click here to take a look at methods to snap the best photos with your mobile phone. It is however a fact that if you are a keen photographer you would still need to invest in a great camera for the best shots and perhaps take a look at how to use Lightroom instead of Photoshop in order to gain information about revolutionary and new photo editing software.

We all had our days where we spent time on the phone complaining about crashed software on our Blackberry phones but I have to admit those days were few and far between in comparison to the problems I have been having with my newest phone. I also loved the customer service I had from Blackberry. The one time I can recall when I was completely stunned by the good service I received was a time when all Blackberry phones crashed and we couldn’t access any of our favorite applications for a day. We were given 5 top apps for free to download the next day.…

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Top 5 BlackBerry Passport Accessories

BlackBerry Passport Accessories

The BlackBerry Passport has vastly become one of the top Smartphone’s of today. It isn’t difficult to see why; the Passport doesn’t feel quite like a traditional BlackBerry and with its unique styling, it has gotten more interested. Of course, the Passport is a really nice and simple phone to enjoy using whether you are a big fan of BlackBerry phones or have never used them before. However, what are the top 5 BlackBerry Passport accessories?

Master Motor Dashboard Bracket

np2Everyone needs to get a dashboard accessory for their phone if they drive. This is a must because you need to talk hands free and without distraction and that means using the Master Motor Dashboard Bracket. This is one of the top five BlackBerry Passport accessories in Toronto Canada today. It is a very simple tool but it’s one which is needed. All you have to do is place the bracket securely to the dashboard of the car and sit your Passport into the bracket allowing you to take calls hands free while on the road. It’s the safer way to talk while on the go.Read More Reviews!


BlackBerry Passport Case

The case isn’t just a simple case; it’s one that offers the complete package. First of all, you get a leather case which helps to keep the Smartphone safe and secure from unwanted scratches and dents when unused. It is also a safe storage solution to consider and the BlackBerry Passport carry case is going to allow you to keep the phone safe. It also offers a standing view because the case is a flip cover so if you want to watch a movie on your phone or write a document, you can. BlackBerry Passport is a very popular phone and the carry flip over case is an important accessory to have.


The Memory Adapter

This must be one of the top five BlackBerry Passport accessories in Toronto today! This is a must because you simply cannot store everything you need on your phone but with the adapter, you don’t need to. This is a multi functional tool that will allow you to transfer your files from a USB, Micro SD or standard SD card. This really offers a lot of convenience and it pops into the charger port as well which is very useful.


Flex Shell Cover Case

It’s really easy to accidentally drop your phone when it’s left lying around the office or home. However, one of the top five BlackBerry Passport accessories in Toronto must be the Flex shell cover case. This is not only going to allow you to stand your phone up conveniently when you need it but also offer a strong shell cover too. It can help to protect the phone and it might be well worth trying if you’re in the office and want to accept a video call.


Sync Dock

This is a really neat little tool to consider using. First of all, it allows you to transfer files from your computer to the phone and vice versa via the sync dock. This is so useful in many ways and it’s really well designed as well which is perfect for home and office use. It isn’t too big either so it won’t take up much storage space. This is one of the best BlackBerry Passport accessories to choose from.


BlackBerry Passport Accessories

What Accessories Will You Choose?

np3There are a few different accessories for you to choose from when it comes to the BlackBerry Passport so you should choose wisely. You don’t need too many accessories but at the same time, you want convenient tools you can use without much bother. You really do need to think about what accessories you need and what will offer you the best value as well. The above are the top five BlackBerry Passport accessories in Toronto you may want to choose from.Read More Reviews!

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