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Get a Managed Dedicated Server for Your Humor Site

Everyone who owns a Blackberry loves to enjoy humor blogs and websites because they can easily save jokes and share with their friends on social sites or even through direct messaging.  There are lots of successful humor sites out there simply because people can enjoy jokes and funnies on their phones whenever they take a break from work or life.  Some of the most successful humor sites that you can check out on hour phone are 9GaG, funny or Die, Damn You Autocorrect and The Oatmeal.  Starting your own humor site is a great idea.  You can earn a great income if your site is popular and you can do a lot of the maintenance and posting directly from your Blackberry phone which will enable you to run your business from anywhere in the world.

Get a Managed Dedicated Server for Your Humor Site

Start off with a dedicated server

Your humor site might start off small but will quickly expand once people start to enjoy your jokes. Humor sites have to be constructed on a solid foundation that has plenty of room for expansion and change.  You need a lot of space for all of the pictures, photographs and meme’s to load successfully and you will also need a huge server for large quantities of viewers.  If your server is too slow, you will lose appeal because photos and content will take way too long to load on your viewer’s phones.  You should start off with a dedicated server right from the start.

What is a managed dedicated server?

A managed dedicated server is a must if you aren’t much of a tech expert. You can rent a managed dedicated server from a hosting company.  These managed servers usually includes everything you need such as hardware, software, upkeep, repairs, maintenance and they are super easy to upgrade since the hosting company will do all the work for you.

Give EuroVPS a try

EuroVPS is one of the best EU dedicated server companies there are.  They offer companies various options when it comes to hosting such as shared hosting for a more affordable solution, VPS hosting, dedicated servers for ultimate security and managed clusters.  EuroVPS can also make your humor site run a lot more smoothly because they offer added services such as improved performance, better security, secure backups, migration and various support plans.  With the help of EuroVPS your humor site can grow rapidly without affecting your viewer’s quality of their experience and your site can handle as many viewers and links as possible.

Time to learn the basics of a comedy site

Now that you know what is needed for your humor site, it is time to learn how to make a website for comedy.  With your own comedy website you will enjoy work a lot more because work will be one big joke.  You will have a blast on the job each and every day and you can start this terrific business as a sideline because once the website and hosting is in place, the maintenance of such a site is relatively low and you can work from anywhere since everything is virtual.…

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