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Best Horror Novels You Should Read

There are a lot of people who would say that the best horror books to read are the classics like Dracula or Frankenstein but times have changed now. The stories of classic books may be hard to relate to already especially with the changes that technology has done. At the same time, not a lot of people are fond of reading horror books because they feel that they are scaring themselves too much. If you are not like most people and you enjoy anything that is related to horror then you just have to see the list of books that you should read.

  1. White is for Witching – Helen Oyeyemi

If you have always been a sucker for beautiful sentences then you will not be disappointed with this book. This is related to the story created by Brothers Grimm but there are a lot of obvious changes that you never thought about. The fact that you will continue to be shocked and surprised till the very end is a good reason to enjoy this book.

  1. The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

Even if you are a lover of horror novels, there is a big possibility that you have never heard of Shirley Jackson because. She is an overrated horror writer but she has written a lot of works that people never failed to appreciate. This book in particular is considered to be one of her best works probably because the plot has been copied and changed so many times but the way that she told the story will make you want to turn the light on.

  1. The Woman in the Dunes – Kobo Abe

Kobo Abe has the ability to make stories that seem to be highly based on reality with some small twists that can make them scary but will make you think if they can possibly happen. This book in particular is about Jumpei who gets stuck in a bizarre village. If you are a bit claustrophobic or if you consider yourself to be obsessive compulsive then you may become terrified of this book.

  1. Last Days by Brian Evenson

When it comes to things that are related to cults, it is only common that things will start to get scary. This book created by Brian Evenson is about a detective sent to figure out the secrets of a religious cult. The cult has a belief that all forms of mutilation is holy. What makes this book scary is the thought that those who are considered leaders of the cult have more mutilations than those who are just starting out.

  1. The Collector – John Fowles

Based on the name itself, you can already guess what is being done to the victims. Basically, this is about Frederick Clegg who catches butterflies just to let them die a slow and painful death. While he started with butterflies in the beginning, he starts becoming obsessed with a girl. And the girl becomes his newest butterfly.

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