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How Your Blackberry Can Help You Be a Better Journalist

Journalism is one of the best and most exciting jobs out there.  Plenty journalists make a huge success out of their careers.  Stephen Collins is such a journalist.  He has more than 20 years’ experience as a political journalist and then went on to become the political editor of the Sunday Press after which he moved over to become the political editor for the Irish Times.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could enjoy a career style like Stephen Collins?  Well, you can and with the help of a good Blackberry phone your journalist position will be a lot easier.

Remember important dates and appointments

Your blackberry is the perfect planner.  You can set reminders to any important dates such as birthdates and schedule all your appointments or meetings with your boss, colleagues or people you are interviewing for a story.  These planners can be used to remember just about anything in your life including due dates for articles or even a grocery list.

How Your Blackberry Can Help You Be a Better Journalist

Take photos of interesting things

Pictures are great for remembering certain things like street names, people’s features, buildings and other details relating to your articles.  With a Blackberry phone you can quickly snap a picture off something you want to include in your story and reflect back on the images when you have more time.

Make memos of story facts you come across

Your Blackberry is terrific for taking memos of all the facts such as birth dates, ages, full names and juicy details that you simply must include in your story.  You also always have something to pen down terrific new ideas for exciting articles.

Use your Blackberry as a recorder

Are you interviewing someone about something they witnessed or lived through?  Then recording the conversation is much better than trying to scramble everything down on a piece of paper.  You can re-listen to the conversation to get your facts straight and even quote the teller word by word.

Be ready to get that rare photo

A rare photo can mean a lot of cash to you.  All modern Blackberries features a camera which you can use to capture that once in a lifetime shot or you can capture images of celebrities in odd places, doing odd things.  You can capture accidents as they happen so your articles will become a lot more interesting and vivid.

Stay accessible to anyone who might have a story to tell

Good stories happen all the time.  You need to be available to the public and to your company so you can be ready to head out to a location as soon as you hear of the story.  With your phone with you at all times you will always be ready for any unexpected story and you can make appointments with people much easier.  Your phone is also a great aid when it comes to planning your work and keeping in touch with your boss and editor as well as with other colleagues on your team.…

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