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Use Your Blackberry to Fight Depression

Our modern world is fantastic.  Each person who has access to technology can enjoy a lot more in life than people were ever able to enjoy before.  But the modern lifestyle is also busier than ever before and people are criticized more than ever.  The stress that work and modern society puts on everyone causes a lot of depression.  If you ever struggled with depression before then you will know how treacherous it can be.  Everything seems dark and you simply cannot seem to stop focusing on negative thoughts.  You are drowning in sadness and it is so hard to see the light when you are in that depressive state.  But thanks to technology, help is at your fingertips because your Blackberry can guide you through the darkness and help you see the light by simply checking out some positive things on your phone.

Use Your Blackberry to Fight Depression

Read funny comics

Reading funny comics is terrific for improving your mood, especially since so many comics deal with real life issues that tells you that you are not alone in your struggles.  Stephen Collins is a terrific cartoonist that you simply must check out on your Blackberry.  He has a weekly cartoon in The Guardian that you can view from your phone. And if you want to see more of his terrific cartoons then you can always check out some of his works on his personal website.

Read inspirational quotes every day

Inspirational quotes are incredibly popular and everywhere to be found.  People pin them on sites like Pinterest, share them on social media and print them for their walls.  A good inspirational quote with your morning coffee is the best way to start your day so you can be stronger and ready for any of the difficulties that your day will bring.

Watch funny videos

Watching funny videos on YouTube is a great way to switch your focus off your problems. If you are tormented by a depressing thought then snatch up that phone and start watching funny videos. A good laugh is the best cure to depression and your thoughts will get a good reset from the negative cycle.

Chat with friends on social media

Nothing can beat a good chat with a few good friends.  Instead of doing something stupid, reach out to friends.  Don’t just watch what everyone does on social media.  Have a chat with friends, see what they are up to and share a joke or two so you and they can feel better.

Create your own inspirational meme

Seeing other people share your meme’s or quotes can be a great boost in your own self confidence.  There are plenty of apps that you can download to your Blackberry which will enable you to create some meme’s or quotes of your own.  You can upload your funnies to social media or fun sites like 9gag and be part of the fun.

Read inspirational stories

There are lots of people who beat the odds and make a success of their lives each and every day.  By reading up on some people’s challenges you can get out of your glum mood because you will realize that others also deal with tough lives and challenges.…

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