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Surprising uses for your old mobile phone

We all hold a bit of sentimental value in our hearts for our old mobile phones. I have about 3 Blackberry phones that still work like a charm and I love them dearly. It seems sinful not to use them. I have a smart phone that has a screen that is three times the size of one of my older phones so I really don’t need them. I have however found some creative ways to use our older phones. It is fun, it is innovative and the good old faithful phones still have a purpose.  I feel nostalgia every time I hold one of these phones and remember how cool they were when I got them for the first time. I don’t easily get rid of anything and I am glad that I found a few ways to make them work for me.

Surprising uses for your old mobile phone

I use one of my old phones as a multimedia storage device. I loaded it up with all my favorite songs, shows and movies and I bought a mean set of headphones for it. I use it to stream videos and listen to music. It works perfectly and it is fun! I don’t need an MP3 player with my nifty little multimedia device on hand. It even serves as a Universal remote for all my media devices which really makes it cool and useful. Read more about setting up your smart phone as a remote control.

My other phone serves as a portable gaming device. This is really cool. I loaded up all my favorite retro games on the phone and use it strictly for gaming purposes. I have found that the newer games slows my new phone down immensely so if I really feel like a bit of mobile gaming I grab my new gaming device and have a blast.

My last extra phone has quite a few tasks. I use it to browse the internet and do reading. I also use this phone as a fully functional GPS with a great retro app that includes all the newest maps. I never get lost thanks to this little wonder. I was browsing on it the other day and I actually came across how to make money on my website. I found ways to make a little extra online and haven’t turned back. This website offers fantastic advice for the greenies out there that would like to make the internet more profitable.

I also use this phone to keep all my favorite recipes on so that if I visit someone I have my recipes on hand to cook a delicious meal. It serves as my primary alarm clock because it is still the loudest of the bunch and gets me up in no time. This phone has also been set up as my personal WIFI phone. I have Skype, Whatsapp and all my other chat programs on it so I am able to stay in touch with everyone at all times while using this phone. Click here for the best chat programs for your smart phone.…

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