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Get a Party Bus for Great Selfie Shots with Your Blackberry Phone

Selfies are incredibly popular right now.  There is no shame in snapping a few selifes with your Blackberry during one of your adventures.  But selfies are starting to go over the top. 2016 is definitely the year of the crazy selfies because this year contained the most selfie deaths ever.  In 2016 more than 59 people have been injured or killed while taking adventurous selfies.  Some did crazy and stupid things but sadly lots of people went too far with their dangerous selfies and the result was death.  And the selfie mania just keeps growing and growing.  People seems to be obsessed with showing off their super amazing lives but does things really have to get dangerous enough to claim lives?  Is that glorious shot of yourself dangling over a dangerous cliff really worth your life?  I seriously don’t think so.  There are plenty of ways to show of your fun life without putting yourself in danger and without inspiring others to do so as well.  If you are looking for something fun ideas for selfies to capture with your Blackberry phone then it is time to awe everyone by getting a party bus.

Get a Party Bus for Great Selfie Shots with Your Blackberry Phone

What is a party bus?

Party busses are the ultimate way to party and celebrate.  A party bus is a bus, limo or vehicle that is specially designed just for parties.  These party busses contain luxury interiors, luxury stereo and TV equipment, luxury air conditioning, luxury lighting and luxury service.  Some party vehicles are for 2 – 4 people for intimate parties while limo’s can easily accommodate up to 20 people for larger parties.  The party bus will take you out for a night of fun and adventure where you and your friends can enjoy sightseeing, pub crawling, any on board entertainment you desire and ultimate luxury treatment for a night of fun.

Why get a party bus for selfies?

Party busses are fantastic for selfies because you can easily fit in all your friend’s faces in one shot.  One picture will be worth a thousand words because the luxury of party busses’ interior is enough to make anyone jealous of your adventurous night.  And since everyone knows that limousines and especially Hummer SUV limos don’t come cheap, you are also showing off your wealth a bit. View our party bus site to have a look at some of the glorious vehicles that you can take out right now.

Fun things to do in a party bus

There are lots of crazy things you can do in a party bus that are selfie worthy.  And the best part is that none of these fun things will be putting your life in danger because the party busses are driven by a professional chauffer that will get you anywhere safely.  You can enjoy fun parties, have glorious drinks like cocktails and champagne, take any type of entertainment along for the ride, explore cities and enjoy as many stops at as many events as you can stand.  You also have complete control about just how much of your party you allow the world to see because everything that happens on a party bus stays on a party bus.…

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