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How Your Blackberry Can Help You Be a Better Journalist

Journalism is one of the best and most exciting jobs out there.  Plenty journalists make a huge success out of their careers.  Stephen Collins is such a journalist.  He has more than 20 years’ experience as a political journalist and then went on to become the political editor of the Sunday Press after which he moved over to become the political editor for the Irish Times.  Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could enjoy a career style like Stephen Collins?  Well, you can and with the help of a good Blackberry phone your journalist position will be a lot easier.

Remember important dates and appointments

Your blackberry is the perfect planner.  You can set reminders to any important dates such as birthdates and schedule all your appointments or meetings with your boss, colleagues or people you are interviewing for a story.  These planners can be used to remember just about anything in your life including due dates for articles or even a grocery list.

How Your Blackberry Can Help You Be a Better Journalist

Take photos of interesting things

Pictures are great for remembering certain things like street names, people’s features, buildings and other details relating to your articles.  With a Blackberry phone you can quickly snap a picture off something you want to include in your story and reflect back on the images when you have more time.

Make memos of story facts you come across

Your Blackberry is terrific for taking memos of all the facts such as birth dates, ages, full names and juicy details that you simply must include in your story.  You also always have something to pen down terrific new ideas for exciting articles.

Use your Blackberry as a recorder

Are you interviewing someone about something they witnessed or lived through?  Then recording the conversation is much better than trying to scramble everything down on a piece of paper.  You can re-listen to the conversation to get your facts straight and even quote the teller word by word.

Be ready to get that rare photo

A rare photo can mean a lot of cash to you.  All modern Blackberries features a camera which you can use to capture that once in a lifetime shot or you can capture images of celebrities in odd places, doing odd things.  You can capture accidents as they happen so your articles will become a lot more interesting and vivid.

Stay accessible to anyone who might have a story to tell

Good stories happen all the time.  You need to be available to the public and to your company so you can be ready to head out to a location as soon as you hear of the story.  With your phone with you at all times you will always be ready for any unexpected story and you can make appointments with people much easier.  Your phone is also a great aid when it comes to planning your work and keeping in touch with your boss and editor as well as with other colleagues on your team.…

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Fun Stephen Collins Facts to Check Out On Your Blackberry

It’s always great fun to read up some crazy facts on celebrities.  It’s interesting to see how the lives of celebrities turned out and what they are up to.  It’s great to see how some celebrities like Will Smith never seem to age while others fall right off the map due to their sudden feature changes.  The scandals, the adventures and the silly things celebrities do often makes you feel a lot better about your own personal life and your own personal achievements.  An actor that you probably haven’t heard off in a while is Stephen Collins.  Collins played roles in several TV shows and movies and his name was once one of the best known celebrity names.  Here are some crazy Stephen Collins facts.

Fun Stephen Collins Facts to Check Out On Your Blackberry

  • His full name is Stephen Weaver Collins although everyone simply knows him as Stephen Collins.
  • Stephen Collins was born on 1 October 1947 and is from Des Moines Lowa in America. He is the son of Madeleine and Cyrus Collins and he has two older brothers.
  • He loved hobbies like playing the bass guitar and rhythm guitar and he played for a number of rock and roll bands in his youth.
  • His first appearance on film was for the TV show The Waltons in 1975 where he appeared in a single episode; The Abdication.
  • Collins is most famous for his role as Eric Camden in the popular family TV show 7th Heaven. 7th Heaven was popular from 1996 to 2007 and features Eric Camden, a reverend that battles to raise his seven children on solid Christian foundations and help them and his wife through several everyday life and family ordeals.  If you are looking for a good show to enjoy with the entire family then 7th Heaven is definitely a show to look out for.
  • Collins appeared in more than 47 TV shows of which he sometimes was featured in only single episodes and other times starred or was one of the prolonged characters. His most recent appearance was in the TV show The Revolution in 2013.
  • He also acted in more than 20 films between 1976 and 2012. What a busy life!
  • Stephen Collins also wrote two books. Eye contact, a thriller with quite a few sexy scenes and Double Exposure, a fiction book about an actor of broadcast television whose own personal life is a complete mess.

On 8 October 2014, Stephen Collins made headlines but not in a good way.  A recording was released to the public in which Collins admitted to his wife to the molestation of various under aged girls before 2012.  The recording was devastating to his career.  He was fired from the production of Ted 2 and a Christian network discarded the TV show 7th Heaven from their channel.  In December 2014, Collins admitted that the recording was true and that he had sexually abused three under aged minors in 1973, 1982 and 1994.…

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Use Your Blackberry to Fight Depression

Our modern world is fantastic.  Each person who has access to technology can enjoy a lot more in life than people were ever able to enjoy before.  But the modern lifestyle is also busier than ever before and people are criticized more than ever.  The stress that work and modern society puts on everyone causes a lot of depression.  If you ever struggled with depression before then you will know how treacherous it can be.  Everything seems dark and you simply cannot seem to stop focusing on negative thoughts.  You are drowning in sadness and it is so hard to see the light when you are in that depressive state.  But thanks to technology, help is at your fingertips because your Blackberry can guide you through the darkness and help you see the light by simply checking out some positive things on your phone.

Use Your Blackberry to Fight Depression

Read funny comics

Reading funny comics is terrific for improving your mood, especially since so many comics deal with real life issues that tells you that you are not alone in your struggles.  Stephen Collins is a terrific cartoonist that you simply must check out on your Blackberry.  He has a weekly cartoon in The Guardian that you can view from your phone. And if you want to see more of his terrific cartoons then you can always check out some of his works on his personal website.

Read inspirational quotes every day

Inspirational quotes are incredibly popular and everywhere to be found.  People pin them on sites like Pinterest, share them on social media and print them for their walls.  A good inspirational quote with your morning coffee is the best way to start your day so you can be stronger and ready for any of the difficulties that your day will bring.

Watch funny videos

Watching funny videos on YouTube is a great way to switch your focus off your problems. If you are tormented by a depressing thought then snatch up that phone and start watching funny videos. A good laugh is the best cure to depression and your thoughts will get a good reset from the negative cycle.

Chat with friends on social media

Nothing can beat a good chat with a few good friends.  Instead of doing something stupid, reach out to friends.  Don’t just watch what everyone does on social media.  Have a chat with friends, see what they are up to and share a joke or two so you and they can feel better.

Create your own inspirational meme

Seeing other people share your meme’s or quotes can be a great boost in your own self confidence.  There are plenty of apps that you can download to your Blackberry which will enable you to create some meme’s or quotes of your own.  You can upload your funnies to social media or fun sites like 9gag and be part of the fun.

Read inspirational stories

There are lots of people who beat the odds and make a success of their lives each and every day.  By reading up on some people’s challenges you can get out of your glum mood because you will realize that others also deal with tough lives and challenges.…

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Funny Things to Read on Your Phone

Laughter is good for you.  As in, laughter is good for your health.  Studies have shown that a good laugh will reduce your stress levels, increase immune cells, boost antibodies and it triggers your body’s production of endorphins which is the body’s feel-good hormones. Just a few minutes of watching funny videos can help you change your mood when you are feeling depressed and helps you overcome stress.  You also forget terrible events much easier and get over sad occurrences in your life a lot faster when you laugh. Laughter is terrific for making friends since no one likes to hang out with someone that is negative all the time.  If you are looking for a good laugh then grab your smartphone and start reading some of these funny works and sites.

Funny Things to Read on Your Phone

Works by Stephen Collins

Stephen Collins is an illustrator and cartoonist.  He has won several awards over the past few years and has made his way into famous magazines with his work. He is from Hertfordshire in UK and his works are becoming more and more popular amongst magazines, websites and more.  If you want a good laugh then you should definitely check out some of his comic strips that are featured in The Guardian Weekend magazine or you can read his debut novel; The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil.  Stephen Collins has a terrific way of changing everyday events into hilarious events and his works are sure to brighten your day.

Create your own funnies

Creating your own funny is a great way to boost your self-esteem.  You also overcome your terrible situations much better when you find out how many people share the same embarrassments, annoyances and occurrences by the amount of shares you get.  Funny AF is a great app that allows you to make your very own memes and funnies which you can share with family, friends and even the world.

Check out these sites

There are plenty of websites that features jokes, funny films, hilarious gif’s, nostalgic memes and much more.  These sites feature only these funnies.  You can spend hours a day on popular sites like 9Gag, Break, iFunny, Daily Rage Comics and more and get your fill of happy hormones.  And if you are in the mood for a good moan or simply want to feed off other people’s tragedies then Lamebook is the place to visit.

Stick to YouTube

YouTube is still one of the best sites to scout for some funnies.  YouTube has thousands of hours’ worth of funny videos that are sure to make you laugh no matter how sad or terrible your day is going.  In fact, it is the one website that has more funnies than you can watch even if you watch funnies all the time and every day of your life. Just a few minutes of watching funny cat videos, crazy accidents, stupid people with their stupid mistakes and bizarre occurrences is all you need to forget even the toughest of things that happened to you today.…

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