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Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are great handy tools for heavy duty cleaning that scrubbing just cannot accomplish. These devices consist of a tank, a thin pipe leading to a nozzle, and other attachments that spray water from the nozzle with very high pressure. Dirt and grime are cleaned up in no time as a result of increased water pressure, and heat and detergent water or solution cleans stubborn surfaces. For those who want to conserve power, make the device more economically viable and optimize it to their needs, here are some of our tips to making the most out of your pressure washer. Those who are still getting started with choosing a pressure washer, this link helps you choose the best simpson pressure washer from thousands of reviews online.

Your Pressure Washer

Clean vertically

Vertical surfaces like walls, fences etc. are often washed with pressure washers. Opt for a bottom up cleaning motion in these cases and start rinsing from top to bottom. This prevents the water from leaking or flowing downwards, which makes the new surfaces dirtier.

Nozzle Colors

Notice that the nozzles provided with your device are color coded. These indicate the force of water being sprayed and diameter of the nozzle. The black one simply dispenses soap; red one is labeled 0 degrees, yellow nozzle for 15 degrees, green for 25 degrees, and the most forceful- white sprays at 40 degrees. Do your market research and pick the best pressure washer there is.

Broadest first

The broadest nozzle is optimal and delivers adequate cleaning due to the fact that the pressure is lowest here. Using the narrowest nozzles tend to release water with excessive pressure- resulting in cuts and scratches on the surface being cleaned.

Test it out

Try out a test patch before actually spraying on the surface you need to clean to prevent accidents and undesirable results out of your pressure washer. This helps refine your technique as you go. Buying a new pressure washer is sort of a test too, so choose the best simpson pressure washer from the reviews here.

Correct your hold

Always hold the nozzle in an angled way and stand at a distance away. This prevents damage and unwanted scratches on the surface you actually want squeaky clean. Make no mistake; be wise when choosing a right pressure washer for those who have not bought one yet!

Avoid sensitive areas

Air conditioning, soffit vents, attic vents etc. might tempt you to spray water on them using a pressure washer, but it is best to avoid areas behind or under these. Electrical outlets in these crevices might cause serious accidents.

Conserve fuel

In order to save fuel, you might want to add a fuel stabilizer for gasoline powered pressure washers. Before filling up the fuel tank, add the fuel stabilizer to the gas. Reading reviews online helps to choose which fuel stabilizer you might want.

Bottom Line

There are many little tricks that you can use to make the most out of your pressure washer. Just follow the instructions here and your pressure washer will work just fine for years and years to come.

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